About us


For 25 years, our loyal customers have followed the evolution marked by our chefs, with whom he began, and chefs the world over the years, Peruvians, Chileans, Catalán, etc.

The accuracy and timeliness are the watchwords maximum Pino Restaurant. Thinking customer at ease, they designed five different cards: the regular menu, seasonal, wine, cocktails and drinks, and dessert. It breathes exclusivity everywhere, not for nothing is considered one of the best restaurants in town.

The service is very professional and attentive and the menu is seasonal recipes that the chef brings diners disposal of stay in accordance with the acceptance they have. Among the set menu, there are delicacies such as tuna, and salmon is sealed in sea salt and pepper, balsamic oil.

There is a lounge on the second floor with very comfortable armchairs and striking decor in which stones are caught in fiberglass at night, giving a colorful. A very unique site worth visiting.