About Pino Restaurant

Pino Restaurant is located between mountains and natural forests where one of the best view of Tennessee is observed, is this restaurant that has 25 years of tradition and Mediterranean cuisine with meat and pasta.

It is a place to remember, unique, romantic, ideal not only for lunch or dinner, but the room for all kinds of celebrations, which will certainly be memorable. Some of the cold appetizers are tonno sardegna, selezione di antipasti, carpaccio di manzo, carpaccio di salmone e tonno, selezione di tapas di Spagna, Trio di ceviche. as there are hot tickets fritti calamari and tapenade, funghi all'aglio, crostino di gamberetti and feta, cuore di palm gamberetti and curry, among others. The offer contains insalata salad vito d'asio, greca insalata insalata angello dell', insalata montana, among others.

If the chimney has the restaurant is not enough to counter the cold of the season, the proposal includes soup zuppa alla francese di cipolle, zuppa di funghi di cipolle and sfoglia, zuppa di pomodoro alla Griglia, minestrone classico.
The elegance of the place is no obstacle to finding typical of other regions such as the Spanish omelette more informal options, the chori bread, Manchego cheese and Argentine empanadas, among others, as options for snacks.

For meat lovers, you can enjoy excellent cuts as haunch tip (400 gms), filet mignon, baby beef (400 gms), tramonti lombata with roquefort, costola di Maiale the barbecue, coniglio the thymus, ossobuco di abba, chicken ai funghi, however if you need other services that are not related to restaurants be sure to check the directory Restaurant near me.

If the preference are pastes, these are the options: pappardelle ai funghi, spaghetti neri, spaghetti al pomodoro, canelloni tramonti, gnocchi della famiglia, risotto del bosco, Mediterranean risotto, risotto nero di mare, the tramonti cocktails millennium (cognanc, vodka, amaretto and orange juice) and Tramonto (vodka, orange juice and grenadine) are just some of the variety found in the restaurant, and other more traditional margarita, pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, mojito, dry martini, canelazo brandy, bleeding, among others. Also you can found more restaurant near you in Near me finds.

Our dishes
Our state of Tennessee is characterized by a varied and delicious cuisine. Pino Restaurant offers a menu with a selection of the most representative dishes of the American menu, our menu and antójese enjoy the delights that our house offers.
Special celebrations
Celebrate your special moments with us: birthdays, anniversaries or meetings. Pino Restaurant invites you to start your experience in the luegar choose from an excellent glass of wine or a delicious starter prepared by our chef.
Our Chef
Pino Restaurant our Chef pays worship and manifests sublime respect for the ingredients, balanced flavors brand, designs sophisticated dishes made with great technical and game textures.